This is one example of a transponder chip key that requires programming.   It is part of the anti theft system in vehicles
This is one example of an industrial lock, A simplex 1000 mechanical push button lock.  See product page for more examples.  
This is one example of a single cylinder residential dead bolt.  The dead bolt gives more protection than a knob lock. Borth are recommanded.
These are examples of GLS Locksmith services.  
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Automotive / Motorcycles
    Duplicate Keys
    Generate Keys
    Extract Keys
    Decode Keys
    Program Vehicle Transponder Keys

Business - Store Fronts - Offices - More
    Stand A Lone Mechanical Locks
    Stand A Lone Battery Operated Locks
    Standard Grade 1, 2, & 3 Locks installed
    Master Keying for control 
    Restricted Key Ways for control
    Proprietary Key ways for greater control

Residential - Apartments - Rentals - Homes
    Re-keying existing locks
    Replacing existing locks
    Door Preparation for New Locks
    Push Button Locks for your home
    Peep Hole Viewers Installed
    Restricted Key ways installed
    Proprietary Key ways installed

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